Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

Lifetime Stock Video Review and Bonus by Richard Madison

Lifetime Stock Video Review and Bonus by Richard Madison - Best New Stock Video membership club Featuring Over 3,000 4K and HD Videos plus 250 new 4K Videos monthly


Lifetime Stock Video is LITERALLY the last stock video you will pay for. Our customers stopped paying $10 - $199 per royalty free video instead pay us once for unlimited access to over 1,000 4K & HD royalty free videos. And we add 75 new 4K videos every month. Are You Tired of Paying $10 - $199 per Stock Video? Millions of customers think it's the only way to get royalty free stock videos. Are you one of the endless stream of customers that has paid between $10 and $199 per stock video? Don't be embarrassed - for the longest time, it  was to the only way to get stock video backgrounds & stock video footage. Not anymore.
Video is no longer a "nice to have" in marketing - it is a 100% requirement. 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Video on a landing page can increase conversions over 80%. Far too many videos use rubbish low quality free backgrounds & scenes. 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video. Current stock video providers have always charged per video. And royalty free stock video background and footage pricing is crazy. Up to $199 per video. That happens in any monopolistic industry before it's disrupted. Not anymore.
Quality Matters. Backlinko.com analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better understand how YouTube's search engine works. One of the key indicators identified is that high quality videos dominate YouTube's search results. 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube are in HD or better. Do all of your videos look the same? Are you using the same video backgrounds and footage you bought in 2012 for all of your projects. Reusing and recycling assets because you can't afford new stock video assets ? Not anymore.


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