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Cookbooks Empire International Review and Bonus by Alessandro Zamboni

Cookbooks Empire International Review and Bonus by Alessandro Zamboni - Best New Method how to launch new international recipes books on Kindle and CreateSpace marketplaces!


Cookbooks Empire International a great success for me and Lucrezia Aria. We showed you how to create a cookbook starting from zero, with the top 10 cookbooks genres to target. A guide that shows you how to publish your international cuisine book, analyzing the top 10 trendy worldwide cuisines you can target in your next book. This time we thoroughly examined the world over to uncover the top 10 cuisines worthy to be targeted in your next cookbook. It has been a fantastic travel experience for us, bringing something new and fresh which made us extremely happy, because as you know, cooking is my passion and Sara's too! I have been cooking since I was 6 years old, and my grandmother Carla set me on the way to becoming a good chef-at-home. I have a lot of recipe books which I have created over the years, plus the best pieces, plucked from my Grandmother’s original recipe books.But let’s get back to business now. Here are some statistics of international cuisine books selling like crazy… Remember these come from authors like us, not famous chefs.
In this guide you will discover a lot of hidden tricks, methods and suggestions that will make your life easier, no matter if this is your first book, or even if you are an advanced author with a lot of experience. Each cuisine chosen has been analyzed for you. You will find the most common ingredients list, and 10 resources where you can find literally unlimited recipes to take and change for creating your own. It's dead easy! After this we show you even more ideas to write incredible books, if these 10 cuisines uncovered are not enough. And we didn’t stop there, as we show you the best way to publish your cookbooks on Kindle marketplace, and on CreateSpace as real paper-books. So you can double your business with the same book, and that's superb! It gets even better! There are also top cookbooks advertising strategies, worth your attention. You will discover how to boost your book presence on Kindle and CreateSpace, getting seen by the people searching for your book. So you can finally feel joy, not envy when someone else succeed, because your book will be in the right place ready to sell better!
Cooking is a huge part of our lives. Even if we work all day, we will at least find time on a Sunday to create something new we have never cooked before, because eating well is not only important for the body, but also for our heart. Being available right where people are searching for new international cookbooks is priceless! It doesn’t matter if you are woman or a man, cookbooks are written by all, and you have to publish a cookbook at least once in your life. It’s a great sensation to be part of the discussions on thousands of kitchen tables around the world with your international cookbook! Our second guide in this field is born by our experience with recipes, cooking strategies and Kindle/CreateSpace publishing. We’ve brought to you the best training around for becoming premium authors from scratch, with no previous experience. This will put you in an advantage position over your competitors. Recipe books are evergreen. Once your title is ready it will never grow out of fashion, as the ingredients and recipes will always be useful now and in the next 100 years.


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