Jumat, 25 Agustus 2017

Viral Social Posters Healthy Eating Quote Posters PLR Review and Bonus by Darren Ross

Viral Social Posters Healthy Eating Quote Posters PLR Review and Bonus by Darren Ross - 100 healthy eating based social poster images with the PSD files and a full set of reseller modules. You are permitted to sell these posters ONLY with personal use rights


With Viral Social Posters Healthy Eating Quote Posters PLR, you've capitalized on the ever-popular and constantly growing trend of using social posters (quote images, etc) to generate easy "viral) traffic from really any social network or page. The next package we're releasing is none other than a set of 100 "Healthy Eating" based quotes / social poster images. In order to explain this properly, I have to state right off the bat that while this is a graphics package (images package), it's also being marketed as a PLR product or "business in a box" like most of my products are.
The meat of the package comes with 100 social poster images based around time management quotes, and then there's also 100 PSD Photoshop files included so that your customers can edit the images however they see fit. Beyond just the images, there's several other modules that your customers can utilize to make reselling this package an absolute breeze and a half...I've included a front end sales page, a full out professionally designed graphics package with product mockups and all, an awesome HD sales video with the voice over, some email swipes, and instructions regarding how to set it all up. Your customers will receive a non-transferable PLR license to this graphics package, meaning they can resell the product with personal usage rights and keep 100% of the profits. They can ALSO use the images for their own marketing efforts. As with all of my product launches, I've also stacked the sales funnel to optimize each sale and make YOU the most money possible from every single customer you send our way.


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