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Nicheology Membership Special Review and Bonus by Paul Counts

Nicheology Membership Special Review and Bonus by Paul Counts - Best New Method How to exploit online niches and make a ton of money in the process

Nicheology Membership Special is an exclusive site that provides a "would-be" or  established niche marketer with everything they need to start and grow their business(es) inside and out. Nicheology accelerates your success by supplying products, resources, training and coaching that enable you to get content to your sites and lists in minutes. I am serious about training you BEYOND simple internet marketing that you can pick up at any other blog or website. If YOU'RE serious about your online business this section of Nicheology alone is worth multiple times your monthly subscription. The Niche S.Y.S.T.E.M. is my personal success system. It's a bit non-traditional from the typical internet marketing banter. Each module released covers a strategic approach to online business.
Listen, at the core I am an entrepreneur. Not an "internet marketer." At least not in terms the industry uses. I'm not into selling internet snake-oil or miracles or lottery tickets. Unfortunately, most "marketers" have only been employees. They have never started a business and certainly have never built one. Yet, they are doing everything possible to sell "how to make money on the internet." That's why I want to help you build a real, solid, profitable online business - anchored in real world, time-tested principles and strategies.
At this point you must be thinking, "How much is a membership to Nicheology gonna cost me?" Between the 100 "Products In the Rough" and VIP access to the  Training Center, the total value of Nicheology comes to over $164,000! This is ACTUAL dollar cost not the INFLATED numbers you see all over the internet. I've even seen "clone" sites claiming a value of $30K plus a month. Bull. It costs them $3K and their site is twice the price of Nicheology. The Products In the Rough alone would cost you between $1000 and $2000 to produce, and that doesn't count the cost of having a professional sales letter created for each product. Remember, when you activate your Membership you'll also receive a sales letter with each new Product In the Rough.] So given the costs (not to mention the time) required to start your own online niche business, we think you'll agree that Nicheology is a steal. When you join Nicheology you immediately get access to over one-hundred-thousand-dollars in products and training. When you join you'll also get my proprietary PLR Profit Formula. and PLR Conversion. These resources show you step by step how to take a Product in the Rough and do a complete conversion to the point where you can offer your own resale rights. I have purchase or viewed every course on using PLRs and none of them come close to this information and tutorials. This is worth $297 all by itself. In all honesty, I don't know how we can make this anymore of a no-brainer.

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