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Authors New Method to Increase Kindle Reviews Review and Bonus by Sarah Bailey

Authors New Method to Increase Kindle Reviews Review and Bonus by Sarah Bailey - Best New Method How to increase your kindle book reviews and book sales


Authors New Method to Increase Kindle Reviews, How to Build a Smart Automated Book Review Process with VA’s using An Autoresponder with Intelligent Yet Sensitive Email Follow-up Sequence on Demand. Kindle Authors know when you post your book on Amazon for sale, starting at .99 cents the likelihood of that reader, leaving a review is null. Also, it’s a fact that free books are downloaded more than book that sell for .99 cents. Every Kindle Author knows that the life blood of all books listed on Kindle or any other large independent publishing system, lives or dies by the reviews posted by customers and reviewers!
But understand, the problem is not the number of people downloading your book, it’s the people who download YOUR book’s Plea or rather, ignore reading your plea “all together” for an honest review. Well, there are reason many the book does not receive reviews and they are so numerous, I dare not go into detail here. But what I will tell you is that getting organic reviews is even harder. Here is a known stat posted on forums, for every 1,000 downloads, you might get one organic review. How awful is that? My math figuring says that if you need say...20 reviews, then how do you go about getting them? You’ve tried every logical way to get leads the right way, except to pay people – which is totally against the world view of fairness. You need reviews. You want results and you may want a winning lottery ticket. But folks, these needs are not something you can buy at the dime store. But I do have a solution. I have not just a single solution, but a solution that will require you to fire up the computer and start reading and start typing and here it is.
There are several good reasons to get your hands on this guide. Authors, Bloggers, and just ordinary folks have just about given up on the art of collecting reviews on Amazon. As a matter of fact, Amazon has cracked down on illegal and unjustified lead manipulations because they know exactly how falsely accepted fakes can affect their business. Collecting leads from family and friends is a not acceptable! But there is a better way to collect leads that aren’t so intrusive on the author yet fully accepted by amazon, the largest digital book retailer in the word. In my guide you will learn about the struggle of collecting leads, you will also learn that there is hope at the end of this rainbow and that collecting leads may in the future not be as difficult as it is today. Stop struggling with collecting reviews and leads and get your copy of my book today. Now, I am not asking you for a lot of money to provide you with a clear and detailed final solution to this problem. Well why now? Because, I have not told you about the second part of this story of how a problem with big implications. The second part is showing you the solution by providing examples of swaps you can use immediately in your autoresponder. I don’t want to waste anymore of your time so I would invite you to ACT Now!


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