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XuPoP Software Developer License Review and Bonus by Duncan MacGibbon

XuPoP Software Developer License Review and Bonus by Duncan MacGibbon - Best New WordPress Plugin To Create Extraordinary Full Page Opt Ins, Videos, Surveys & Exit Pages That Get You More Leads & Sales


XuPoP Software Developer License is the #1 tool for getting a response from your website visitors quickly, and effectively, using gorgeous pop ups and overlays. And even the experts can’t deny the power of a good pop up. Michael Stelzner, founder of one of the top social media blogs, attributes 70% of their email subscriptions to their popup form. Visual Web Optimizer, a leading A/B testing tool, saw a 50% increase in signups for their platform when they switched from just having a call to action button on their homepage to having a popup free trial offer. And more...Your website is NOT just another WordPress blog, and XuPoP is not just another WordPress pop up plugin. If you think pop ups are dead, think again, because the proof is laid out for you right on this page.
If you’re not using pop ups, you’re missing the mark. And if you’re using the wrong type of pop up plugin, you’re wasting time and money, too. This tool is going to change the way you think about using interactive elements on your WordPress pages. Download this beast and save yourself a fortune on multiple scripts and plugins, and wave goodbye to complex coding and tricky design tools for good. When you’re trying to build a list fast, knowing how to double your optin rates is pure gold especially if you’re PAYING for traffic. Because if you can double your optin rates, you’re basically having the cost and time it takes to build your list. So, the question is...HOW can YOU double your optin rates today? Yep, a freakin’ POP UP. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, pop ups totally rock when it comes to building a list and you’re seriously missing out if you’re not using them effectively. But be warned. Dodgy, cheap or free pop up tools can hurt your website, reputation and response rate. On the flipside, an effective pop up can multiple your response rate overnight. But creating an effective pop up, or finding a decent plugin, usually comes with a hefty price tag and plenty of hassle especially if you want to do lots of different things with your pop up besides just collecting email addresses.Not anymore. Because now you can create beautiful, clean, highly customizable, easy and eye-catching pop ups that don’t break with XuPoP.Plenty of so-called “experts” want you to think that pop ups are dead, but they’re lying to you.
If you want to build a list fast, get people to fill out your survey, boost your best content or promote affiliate offers nothing works better than a well-designed pop up. Don’t just take my word for it. Most pop up plugins suck. And if you want to create effective pop ups that actually generate a response, then you need a better pop up plugin. So you’ve got a nice little content website and you’re getting traffic from Google and other search engines but how do you get those visitors to your landing page so that you can build your email list and send them promo emails? Well, you could put up a banner, a sidebar ad and link relentlessly to your landing page from every blog post. And sure, that’s cool but it’s hassle. And it clutters up your website. But more importantly, there’s a better way to build that list using a pop up!Before you groan and say how much pop ups suck, know this. Pop ups are consistently found to be one of the most effective ways to build a list, promote affiliate offers and redirect traffic to different parts of your website.


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