Rabu, 09 Agustus 2017

Vincent James' Billion Dollar Ads Swipe File Review and Bonus by Collin Almeida

Vincent James' Billion Dollar Ads Swipe File Review and Bonus by Collin Almeida - Best New super-selling, value-packed multiple-offer package of amazing multimedia training on how your subscribers can create incredibly powerful sales copy to attract buyers and make more money - effortlessly and ethically - No Matter What They're Selling


Vincent James' Billion Dollar Ads Swipe File is "12 Month Millionaire" Vincent James' top-secret advertising vault - unlocked, unrestricted, and instantly accessible. You get James' personal stash - a collection of the most arresting and profitable ads and sales letters ever written - to jumpstart your own profitable promotions - no matter what they plan to sell!
Upsell #1: Vincent James' "How I Made $77 Million Dollars In 2 Years -- And How You Can Too!" Plus Interviews - This offer features the Manual plus 6 Hours of Supplemental Audio Recordings that reveal shockingly successful strategies and tactics. Gary Halbert called this "by far the most important marketing document ever put together" - and after reading it twice, I have to agree. It's a brilliant, eye-opener of just what's possible with plenty of brilliant insights. This program levels the playing field, making it possible for the "little guy" to make millions using nothing but an idea and the profound power of persuasion. This "regular" fellow made more money in his 20's than the CEO's of the world's top corporations combined.
Upsell #2: Brian Keith Voiles' Ad Magic Master Course - Largely considered the "bible" of copywriting by many of today's up and coming "copy stars" Ad Magic is among the most revered programs on crafting persuasive sales copy ever published. For powerful copy training - there's nothing that comes close. It also comes complete with proven swipe files and market-tested, "copy and paste" sales copy templates. This is the crown jewel of today's copy courses. And everyone who picks this up will walk away with at least ten 10X more in USE VALUE than then paid in cash value.


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