Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

VideoWhizz Enterprise Upsell 2 OTO 2 Review and Bonus by Dr. Amit Pareek

VideoWhizz Enterprise Upsell 2 OTO 2 Review and Bonus by Dr. Amit Pareek - Upgrade Your VideoWhizz and Become a PRO Video Marketer by customizing your video marketing campaigns & Also Get Never Released Before Developers Rights


This is a great opportunity to 10X your profits without investing a fortune. You will get 5 new players added with full customization as well. They’ll also get- Advanced Analytics Accurate analytics that will enable them to reap the most from their campaigns. Your subscribers can measure likes and views on videos and distinguish which device and technology have been used to play the video and where the video has been played.
CRM & Webinar Integration Along with that, they can also use the CRM and Webinar Integration feature to maximize their ROI for their marketing activities. They can even grab maximum leads with our never released before lead capturing technology. Add Video Subtitles We are giving you the untapped power to add subtitles in your videos and boost their viewership.
Full Developers Rights With this upgrade, you'll get unlimited developers rights for everything you bought from us and what you gonna get with this Enterprise pack. 5 fully customizable video players With this enterprise edition, we are adding 5 new fully customizable video players, it can show your videos in the most stunning way to get best results possible. Advanced project & campaign management system VideoWhizz Enterprise Edition will give you the complete power to Make 10 Times More PROFITS by customizing your video marketing campaigns and the biggest catch is, it will be done 100% on autopilot.


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