Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

Video ToolChest Review and Bonus by Scott Hamlin

Video ToolChest Review and Bonus by Scott Hamlin - Best New Video Creation Tool Software, Video Overlayer, GIF Compressor, Social Meme Creator, Asset Previewer, Video Converter, Palette Creator, Photo To Video FX, Crop, Size, & Trim Video Software, Sound Track Creator, Thumbnail Creator


Video ToolChest is a collection of 10 main tools and some tools can be used for multiple purposes. Each tool provides a solution for a problem we've been asked about repeatedly by users of our other applications and by users of video and animation tools by other vendors. For instance, people asked us how to make the popular square Facebook Video Memes. Before now the answer was...go get an expensive program with a huge learning curve like Photoshop or After Effects. Windows users increasingly had difficulty working with MOV files with transparency--so we solve that issue with Video Overlayer.
There were almost no apps for compressing GIF animations so they download faster...so we included GIF Compressor in Video ToolChest. People kept asking us how to make Ken Burns-style animations with stock photos and photos they took on their phone...


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