Selasa, 01 Agustus 2017

The W Plot Review and Bonus by Lynn Johnston

The W Plot Review and Bonus by Lynn Johnston - FICTION WRITERS, YOUR PLOTTING PROBLEM: SOLVED! How to plot a gripping story with this simple, flexible structure even if you've struggled with the traditional three-act approach

The W Plot doesn't tell you when your hero interacts with your tells you what your character is going through and lets you decide when your villain will attack. When you sign up for this course, I'll walk you through each of the ten phases of the W plot.
I'll give you a visual metaphor for this story structure that will make your character's emotional journey incredibly clear. (This emotional journey is built in to the structure -- even if your character doesn't have a growth arc!).
I'll explain what your character will experience in each phase. I'll give you brainstorming questions that lead you through the decisions you must make for your character at each phase in the story. And I'll plot a complete short story while you watch over my shoulder, so you can see exactly how this structure works.

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