Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

Mindful Eating PLR Review and Bonus by Ruth Pound

Mindful Eating PLR Review and Bonus by Ruth Pound - Mindful Eating eBook, Checklist & Printable, Healthy Alternatives to Your Favourite Junk Foods Short Report, Foods to Avoid and Foods to Replace Junk Food Shopping List, Unhealthy Relationship With Food Email Series, Train Your Brain to Hate Junk Food Report/ Email


Mindful Eating PLR is a huge PLR package including elements for building your list, growing your blog and, most importantly, selling a product. You can sell it as an eBook, or you can break it down and sell it as an online course. The weight loss industry is one that continues to thrive, year after year. However, people are looking less at fad diets and more towards lifestyle shifts that they can stick to for the long term.
According to HHS.gov, 78 million + adults are obese and are eating way too much fat, sodium, sugars and refined grains. These foods are addictive, and breaking free from these addictions is hard - which is where mindful eating comes in. It's all about learning when you're full, banishing cravings, and avoiding crash diets. This information is needed - according to the Google Keyword planner, healthy eating, diet and mindful eating keywords get up to 300K searches every month!


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