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Animatio Review and Bonus by Mark Bishop

Animatio Review and Bonus by Mark Bishop - Best New Wordpress app how to animate your text image sound for your website

Animatio is a unique visual Impact App which enables users to fix eyeballs to the page instantly. Forget changing themes, upgrading to the latest page builder or installing multiple plugins. Animation does it all. Just 1 click animates any element on any WP based page. It works with every WordPress theme & page builder on the market! It’ll even bring boring free WP themes to seconds. Once installed Animatio is instantly accessible from the WP top menu on all pages (No need to mess around with posts and pages in admin). Simply click the Animatio link. Click on the element you want to Animate, choose your animation and save. That’s it, you’re done. We’ve developed Animatio to be easier than easy to use, so easy even the newest of Newbies will be able to animate their websites in seconds. Go ahead and watch the demo. We use ANIMATIO in our own promotions. We use it to extend our reach and ensure that we draw as many people into our pages as possible. More specifically, we pinpoint the animated elements of our site to focus the users attention. That way they will actually read the messages we want them to and see take the call-to-actions we offer them. Animatio does the heavy lifting for you in seconds. There isn't another plugin on the market that offers the the same or similar animation capability. You can create animations with unlimited elements, even add in sounds and voice overs to trigger more engagement. Imagine the possibilities.
Use ANIMATIO to Engage Prospects. PinPoint the Elements you want them to see...Long Gone Days Of Just Text And Images...It doesn't work anymore. Old (and a lot of newer) sites, pages and themes often lack the attention grabbing elements that Animatio offers. Gone are the days when well written content was enough to convince your potential customer to buy. Optical Flow Technology...Never lose a prospect again. Again, our attention span is 3 seconds less than a goldfish. The new reality is you have just seconds to convince visitors to read more...or they will leave. Or worse, people may simply scroll and scan through your page quickly, which means you have to convince them to stop and read...Blocks of text will no longer do the job. Animated elements on your page adds visual impact and draws people engages them and subconsciously forces them to read and purchase more. NUMBERS DON'T LIE. Recently, Zeeshan wanted to ensure visitors to his product review page saw what he wanted them to see and, with a few well-placed movements, focused his call-to-action just for them.
It took him less than 4 and a half minutes to fully animate his Bonus/ Review page using Animatio. The result of those 4 1/2 minutes of work on one page, $2456.63.That's a huge R.O.I...So would you like to grab your visitor’s attention and Increase your profit on any page? Everyone knows they have to capture a visitors interest incredibly quickly today. Animatio enables anyone to do just that...without changing themes, updating or switching page builders.Simply install this ground-breaking plugin and quickly animate any part of your website, landing page, or blog. Because Static Websites are Boring. Animatio will take your old fashion boring websites and turn it into a stylishly and engaging animated one instantly. Here is the thing...Humans may have a very short attention span, however with Animatio, you will control the message and engage your visitors from the moment they land on your site. That right there is powerful. ANIMATIO is designed to be user know that your page always looks different when its live. You often have to make several changes in admin and preview over and over again to see the effect...With ANIMATIO everything is edited in real time on the very page you are looking at. There is Nothing Else on the Market that Turns Any Theme, Any Page Into an Animated Work of Art. We all know that engagement is a must… Most of us know that there are just seconds in which to lock in that engagement.

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