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ANIMATIO Main Unlimited Sites License Review and Bonus by Mark Bishop

ANIMATIO Main Unlimited Sites License Review and Bonus by Mark Bishop - Animate any element on the web page in seconds just buy clicking the element and choosing the animation, voice template or sound effect

Animatio is instantly accessible from the WP top menu on all pages (No need to mess around with posts and pages in admin). Simply click the Animatio link. Click on the element you want to Animate, choose your animation and save. That’s it, you’re done. We’ve developed Animatio to be easier than easy to use, so easy even the newest of Newbies will be able to animate their websites in seconds. Go ahead and watch the demo. We use ANIMATIO in our own promotions. We use it to extend our reach and ensure that we draw as many people into our pages as possible. More specifically, we pinpoint the animated elements of our site to focus the users attention. That way they will actually read the messages we want them to and see take the call-to-actions we offer them. It took him less than 4 and a half minutes to fully animate his Bonus/ Review page using Animatio. The result of those 4 1/2 minutes of work on one page, $2456.63.That's a huge R.O.I...So would you like to grab your visitor’s attention and Increase your profit on any page? Everyone knows they have to capture a visitors interest incredibly quickly today. Animatio enables anyone to do just that...without changing themes, updating or switching page builders.Simply install this ground-breaking plugin and quickly animate any part of your website, landing page, or blog. Because Static Websites are Boring. Animatio will take your old fashion boring websites and turn it into a stylishly and engaging animated one instantly. Here is the thing...Humans may have a very short attention span, however with Animatio, you will control the message and engage your visitors from the moment they land on your site. That right there is powerful. ANIMATIO is designed to be user know that your page always looks different when its live. You often have to make several changes in admin and preview over and over again to see the effect...With ANIMATIO everything is edited in real time on the very page you are looking at. There is Nothing Else on the Market that Turns Any Theme, Any Page Into an Animated Work of Art. We all know that engagement is a must… Most of us know that there are just seconds in which to lock in that engagement. Imagine if you could make people read your whole page and click on pinpointed areas. Would you make more? The answer is 100% yes. Visual Impact works on a subconscious level. Your eyes are drawn to movement. Which means my animating certain elements you will focus attention in that area. This is especially useful because most people simply scan pages before deciding to read. An animated headline for example will engage...moving elements throughout the page will ensure they read the lot. There are a hundred other websites just like yours (probably)...Attention spans are short, shorter than a Goldfish. Your visitors scan rather than read...You have just 6 seconds to grab any visitors attention... without that undivided attention your visitor will leave and as a result you will sell less.ANIMATIO Impacts Optical Flow...I.e. movement and animation forces the subconscious to focus and take a closer look. How Will I Make More? You worked hard on your sales spend several hours per week adding to you're've agonised over your landing page & you've stocked the best products in your eCom store...But are you making enough profit. Are your visitors buying? If you want to sell more from the websites you already have ANIMATIO will ensure your visitors see exactly what you want them to see... and when you can do this at will, more of your visitors will buy.

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