Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

ZooWarrior Review and Bonus by Han Fan

ZooWarrior Review and Bonus by Han Fan - Super Affiliate Reveal Big Secret That’s Raking In $157,742 Per Year With Jvzoo

ZooWarrior is a combination of a powerful software and comprehensive super affiliate training which allows you to track your affiliate sales across the JVZoo marketplaces, giving you detailed, organized information about your affiliate sales, such as the name of the buyer and their email address, along with where they are from, when they purchased and if they refund, ZooWarrior will let you know about that as well. Help users increase conversions, and reduce refunds. Keep a Great reputation with Paypal.ZooWarrior integrates with your favorite autoresponder service allowing you to build a buyers list on complete autopilot. We take your privacy seriously, all of your buyer emails go straight into your AR. The information is well organized and simple to use. It’s also cloud based so it will work on a Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone.Plus comprehensive affiliate marketing training take people from complete newbie to pro. It's taught by Super Affiliates Han Fan The Internet Man and his partner Steve Haase.

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