Selasa, 20 Juni 2017

Instant Product Lab PRO Review and Bonus by Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith

Instant Product Lab PRO Review and Bonus by Glynn Kosky and Rod Beckwith - Powerful Cloud Based Software Creates Digital Products In Under 60 Seconds

Instant Product Lab PRO is a brand new state of the art cloud based web app that allows you to create "products" in the form of an ebook in under 60 seconds. These products could be sold on for profit, be given away as lead magnets or shared online to get free viral traffic into your online business.The Instant Product Lab software is packed with everything you need to save time, get more leads, and boost your online income…Here are just a few of the included features...Create a unique ebook in just a few minutes with the click of your mouse… No tech skills required!Automatically add your affiliate link throughout any ebook you create with Instant Product Lab so you can profit by giving away your ebook You don’t have to ever worry about writing any content… Instant Product Lab does all that for you! Have you ever tried to create an ebook on your own before?It’s a lot of work.The last time I created a giveaway ebook, I spent about 20 hours writing the content and then another 5 hours trying to design the ecover.And guess what…The ebook I made was still ugly.But there no question that creating giveaway reports is a great way to build your list and make affiliate sales…So, I decided to outsource everything.Although the ebook looked great, the writer took forever and the designer charged me an arm and leg.It still took several days to get my ebook completed, and it set me back over $500!Until now, creating ebooks or outsourcing them was just a part of this business...but now that’s all changed.With just a few minutes and NO writing and design work, I can crank out awesome ebooks with a few clicks of my mouse…Take a look at the software I’m using to do this by clicking the link below now...

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